Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sleeping in or not as the case may be

I have become an early riser not by choice mind you and I am still cranky as hell when getting up in the morning but I am generally speaking up by 6 in the morning each and every day even on the weekends when I can in theory sleep in..except I cannot. The only time when it seems like I could actually sleep in would be those odd Saturday mornings when David has to go to work and so the alarm has got to be set and well let's face it even when he is being quiet David is not so very quiet. So yes those mornings I am up early too although I will admit to going back to bed in the early afternoon when at all possible.
My dear sweet son C is not an early riser and school mornings are a bitch to put it mildly or for that matter any morning he has to get up and we have to be someplace in a timely manner. The exception being when we are headed to CT to see my folks then well then I wonder if he hasn't been in his clothes all night so he can hop up & jump in the car..love his grammy & grandpa he does. Of course weekends or any other day he does not have to be anywhere he is up by 6 reading and raring to play video games or be fed which luckily he is old enough to handle the food thing on his own.

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