Sunday, April 19, 2009

what to do, what to do

a rainy Sunday morning and I have about a dozen things that need doing
-clearing off the dining room table and while we are at it why in the high holy hell does it get so cluttered so fast?
-laundry & ironing
-organize coupons
-make menu for week and then grocery list
-go grocery shopping
-change bedding
-get some studying in
maybe not quite a dozen but these were just the first things that came to mind..
I do have the house to myself for a little bit so a nap might have just vaulted to the number one priority on the list


Missybw said...

I'm packing. I know, shocking!

overtly trite said...

the only good from that for me is I tend to purge crap..Good grief I need to spring clean around here