Thursday, January 7, 2010

early dismissal conundrum

calling for snow this afternoon so what do we do with C should the schools close early?
Last year I let him take the daycare van as he does every day I went to daycare and waited close to 2 hours for my son to arrive they have 3 schools to pick up from and each and every school was evidently utter & complete chaos. And while the roads never got too too bad the road to daycare and the hill it is on was not good I was none too amused and I was already not amused by having to wait for 2 hours for my kid to arrive. So I signed the sheet that he would be picked up by a parent or grandparent, now if it is snowing I know the grandparent who is local would not venture out to pick him up so I will be keeping a close eye on the weather and school information and hopefully just hopefully the weather will hold & the snow will start later this afternoon like 4 or maybe 5pm would be really great

and the 12:45 update
not a single damn flake and the schools are closing exactly 1 hour early which means as worked out previously with C this morning I will pick him up from school!!!!! UGH!!!!!! As there is no inclement weather picking him up at daycare would have been easier but I said any early dismissal and I would pick him up so the million dollar question is when do I leave work? and how horrible will the horrendous pick up line be exactly?

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