Thursday, August 7, 2008

last week of summer

as summer winds down this last week of summer/daycare/camp(yet again whatever you want to call it) they have not had any field trips but yesterday was dress crazy day C obliged and won the trophy for craziest dress a proud moment indeed. Today they are indulging in a little indentured servitude all of the kids can wear bathing suits as they are going to clean the school van & bus and then Friday is the annual end of summer sleepover. Sleep being a loose sort of idea C will be up half the night and be returned to us Saturday morning a little zombie. D & I don't have big plans yet maybe dinner and a movie.
Friday is also meet the teacher day. The school posted info yesterday no no not online on the building and each grade had assigned times to come meet your teacher on Friday. 3rd grade is from 1-2 why thanks so very much, um not all of us are SAHM moms. Oh well I really didn't want to work all day on friday anyway...
There was more complete and specific list of items the boy need supply-wise posted from his teacher. It would be really nice if they could get that sort of thing together before the tax-free weekend and get it out to us parents! I go through this each year. I guessed most of it correctly but we still need to pick up a few more items this weekend.
I was surprised to hear on the radio that the state is already talking about getting rid of the sales tax holiday. I understnad maybe dropping the spring holday but it seems like a suspect choice to do away with the whole concept. It clearly spurred the economy this weekend in TN and if you abolish ours it will just send folks over to neighboring Georgia next summer to take advantage of their tax holiday

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Missybw said...

I just can't believe summer is over either... it flew by. And this means that Fall is just around the corner, ick!!! Oh well, I guess we'll live, since this is our last year of School Daze. Um yeah, I know, don't rub it in, right?