Wednesday, August 6, 2008


the boys had a great time at rasslin' and with some help from a friend the spare ticket went to the son of another friend who was very excited & very happy to go along! I was glad not to go but oh the irony-I watched about an hour at home trying to catch a glimpse of the boys on the telly-I did not gave up & went to bed. The boys rolled in around midnight and let me tell you it was fun trying to get everyone up and out the door in the morning. I bribed C with a McDonald's breakfast even getting him a coke to drink, I warned him that it was not really happening and don't ever expect it well ever again. If he would only drink coffee it would have made life easier especially with our fabulous new coffee maker.

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Missybw said...

Glad they had fun at the Rumble! And if that child starts drinking coffee tell him that he'll be teaching The Bob how to next.