Friday, August 8, 2008

I may have burned my retinas

the light fixture in our spare/computer room is up pretty high, high enough I cannot change the light bulbs just standing on a stool. Nope light bulb changes involve a folding chair and letting C know he needs to check and make sure mommy has not fallen & cracked her head open but if she has to please call 911 and let the EMTs in the house when they arrive.
One of the bulbs blew several months ago but I didn't change it because there are 2 bulbs and 1 still worked and provided ample light for the room. The second bulb finally went out-time to drag out the folding chair. We had finally used up the last remaining incandescent bulbs I had on hand and I planned on switching everything over to the CFL bulbs. A great plan except I had not purchased any as of yet. I didn't have time to run into a larger retailer yesterday afternoon and felt strongly enough about not buying generic bulbs so I just picked up a pack of Sylvania incandescent bulbs for the time being. Replaced the light bulbs without incident or broken limb.
Went into the room this morning, flipped the switch and OMG. I don't know if they are channeling power from Oak Ridge or what but those are the brightest light bulbs I have ever seen in my life. I 'm not going back in there unless I have protective eye wear


Jennilu said...

Well, look at your Blog all bright and cheery. (Talk about burning retinas - ha ha). I don't know how long ago you changed the background, but this is the first time I have seen it. Since I put you on my feed reader, I haven't been to your actual page in awhile. I likey likey the new looky looky. Enjoy your date with D tonight and I hope to see you Sat.

overtly trite said...

yes my brother has lobbied fpr me to change it!
see you saturday!