Sunday, August 3, 2008


thought I had managed to escape the excruciating church birthday party for my FIL at the nursing home but no as luck would have it is today at 2. The church folk are nice and all , FIL"got" them in the divorce but when he had the stroke MIL stepped back in to his place and now they are re-married and all insanity of a few years ago is swept under the rug.
Crap these things are awful absolutely awful and I know they mean well but this stuff never interested FIL when he was well. And surprise surprise he still doesn't care for it not to mention it comes off more as a spotlight on how wonderful I am sort of event for MIL
oh well so much for a nice afternoon, maybe I will go to work.
D just decreed we would not attend can't wait to see her reaction. We have been waiting for a full on crazy moment we just hoped it wouldn't be directed at us.... here's to hoping

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