Saturday, August 2, 2008

back home

officially that is-stopped at Sam & Andy's and I had a vol burger for lunch this afternoon. Made me feel really home.
C and I in fact arrived back in K-town last night only about 1 hour late which considering at one point the pilot turned an engine off, parked the plane, told us we could turn on cell phones, games etc because we were 38th in line to take off an hour not so hard to take.
We stopped at MIL's on the way home to check on family as our niece who is 6 months pregnant had been a car accident this week. Just a fender bender but she started labour, dilated etc hmmm now why does that seem so very familiar??? She only got stuck at hospital one night but is at home resting taking some medication that makes both her & the baby jumpy, normal supposedly but she does not feel very rested. A goes back to the doctor Monday and hopefully things will progress normally over the next few months.
I had planned on working this afternoon but quite frankly I am tired that is not going to happen oh well now I can dread Monday morning just a little more. The boy & I did take advantage of the tax-free weekend and did some clothes shopping and picked up some school supplies. Considering we were out mid-afternoon I was pleasantly surprised that Turkey Creek was not any crazier than it was.
The boy is clamoring for dinner except I have not been to the grocery store yet so I am not exactly sure what I can whip up might just be a call for pizza...

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