Thursday, July 31, 2008

random vacation Thursday

-girls night out last Friday was fun! caught up on lots of old & new gossip
-someone should have brought a yearbook we totally forgot a few folks here & there
-talk even made it's way around to our 25th reunion in a mere 2 years! really 25?
-if there are only 2 pieces of shrimp calling it chicken & shrimp piccata is misleading in my opinion
-my hometown is so very different and in some ways still the same
-Bronx Zoo is still fun this many years later
-don't have a burger at the zoo seriously yucky stuff
-C of course got an airbrush tattoo, panther this time
-I have no doubt what he will do first thing on his 18th birthday
-luckily is has not been too hot here-no central air
-read 3 1/2 books so far
-have enjoyed doing very little all week even though it drives my brother crazy
-miss D & superpug and I look forward to seeing them tomorrow
-still hate living so far away from my parents!
-don't check your work email on vacation unless you want to be annoyed!

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