Monday, July 28, 2008

wild kingdom on the back porch

my hometown has grown by leaps and bounds for over a decade now with buildings and homes popping up all over the place. This means displaced wildlife, now growing up our neighborhood always had deer, raccoons, skunk but the wild turkeys moved in at some point over 10 years ago. There is a good sized gaggle? flock? pride? whatever it is you call a family of turkeys about 10-15 rather large sized birds live in the woods behind my folks house. Generally speaking you see them wandering around in the mornings & early afternoons.
My parents live in a split level 2 story house and off the kitchen is a screened in deck-they live out there during the spring & summer and some of the autumn before it gets too cold. There is a small portion of deck as you walk up the back stairs that is open they have some flowers and a table in that section but it is not really used. Imagine my surprise when C & I went out to eat breakfast this morning to find a turkey staring in at us from the open section of deck. We startled him as much as he startled us, and that is assuming him I did not check or anything, he jumped up on the railing a flew back down to the yard to his waiting friends.


Missybw said...

When you coming home? Girl time is in order I think.

Chris Curtin said...

when my parents still lived on Strawberry Hill they had wild turkey's as well.

My dad used to walk every morning and had a group of them that 'greeted' him each day.

The deer are out of control up there as well. Almost hit one last time we were up there.

Hope the trip is going well.