Wednesday, July 30, 2008


yes even on vacation I am doing laundry..kind of sad really but hell the washer & dryer are sitting there why go home with a suitcase full of dirty clothing? In fact I packed for us based on the knowledge we would do laundry. A miracle in itself that I actually under packed for a change? did the world stop revolving on it's axis or something? no? are you sure?
It is somewhat of a family joke at this point as my SIL & I both wind up doing laundry when visiting the house, my father jokes around that we bring dirty laundry with us. And not that I would admit it to him but this time around I did in fact bring a shirt I wanted to wear that I didn't get a chance to wash at home

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Chris Curtin said...

Deb does the same thing. Even at the beach. Having a toddler doesn't help, but before he came along she did laundry as well.

We still over pack. When packing to leave, I asked each of the kids which outfits they didn't wear. probably half the suitcase ;-(