Friday, August 1, 2008

indulgent for brekafast but

stuffed french toast with fresh peaches & strawberries super yummo!
If it's Saturday morning you can find my parents at the same restaurant each week in fact they mentioned last night one of my mom's students tracked her down & called her there one weekend-she has a cell that is rarely on and rarely used we still are not quite sure why she has the thing but to each his or her own.
Trips to Danbury always include at least one visit to the Trellis but we managed to sneak one more trip in today as we were up early to see Dad off-he had to work so we were up at 7.30!
and to think I was so proud I had scheduled an afternoon flight so we wouldn't have to get up early on our last day...

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Chris Curtin said...

Funny, I have never eaten there. We used to go to Deep's every Sunday morning after church (during the blue law days when everything closed at 1 pm).

Having a sister-in-law who works there makes it even stranger that I've not been there.