Monday, August 18, 2008

rountine of things

summer is most definitely over for us and we are well back in the thick of things.
-Last week was the first week of school and C also started back at tae kwan do after his summer hiatus. This was the first time he took the summer off but with scheduling the way it was we found it too difficult to make classes so dropping it temporarily was the easiest fix. I was surprised that it won't put him behind in belt testing at all and he will test for the next belt in September and if I am not mistaking it will be his red belt? maybe black tip?
-Yesterday morning we signed C up for CCD-the Catholic version of Sunday school-and I am standing by my assertion that it should be on Sundays but they apparently don't agree with me. I must admit to spending each and every Wed evening wishing he was going to Catholic school
-Fall Ball started yesterday and practice is on Sunday afternoons! We do have a few Wednesday practices but only for the first 2 weeks and thankfully before CCD starts up. Spring baseball was difficult for about a month while the 2 overlapped, C would go to CCD is his baseball uniform and we be a little late for practice each week. Games start just after Labor Day.
-Basketball-yes I am going to let him add it to the mix this year I believe sign-ups are in October by which time baseball will be over
-school starts for me next week as well-class twice a week plus a lab
David has already started fussing that we need to drop something but that is not going to happen at this point. MIL has been conscripted to help with chauffeuring duties plus with BIL in town as well I think we will manage just fine-at least that's what I am hoping for!

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