Saturday, August 23, 2008

fun filled friday

an fun indeed it was.
C woke complaining of a sore throat I essentially told him that's nice have some tylenol & juice you'll be fine when you get going-it is allergy season & all. He ate breakfast just fine and was his normal crazy self at the bus stop with his friends. I went off to work only to get a call from MIL the school had called her and C was sick needed picking up. Now she is an emergency contact for him and in fact was available to pick him up but I was a little put off that they had called her first I am his mother and all..So called up to the school only to find out C had suggested calling her first because I was at work. Alright fine in the future I get the first phone call.
Work was busy especially since I will be out for 4 days next week. I think I covered most bases although I need to shoot off a few emails at some point before Monday. The co-worker I am traveling with was getting on my nerves a lot I really hope she snaps out of it before we travel. I was dithering about what time to meet in the morning you see this is a Bristol weekend and it always is or at least has been for the 10 years or so that I have been traveling to Vegas on this specific weekend. This means the airport is a little bit crazy with race fans returning to whence they came. I mentioned all this and later in the day got the "Bubba(her annoying boyfriend also a co-worker) well he's from Bristol and says we shouldn't worry about the extra people" really does he fly this weekend every freaking year? dumb a**! We are still gong early to the airport.
Ran a few errands pre-travel stuff I have more today after David gets off work. C just has a cold nothing too exciting but no need to drag him around K-town.
Dinner at MIL's-shrimp, fried fish(snapper maybe) & oysters very yummy stuff hung out with nieces and nephew plus BIL & SIL an enjoyable evening but I took the kiddo home around 8-ish to get him home & in bed. Got home let superpug out to romp in the yard, got knock on door several minutes later he had escaped and neighbor call caught him. No biggie saw where I thought he had wriggled out of gate, fixed area put him back out. David came home we watched some tv about to head to bed, went to let Oscar in and no Oscar. I luckily noticed the message light flashing on the phone-someone the next street over had found him wandering and took him home so he did not get run over! so I went and met them half way to retrieve our crazy pug. This morning I discovered the other gate a little askew which I was his escape route so fixed that and no more Houdini tricks. I hope.
Lot's of laundry on tap for today, need to clean some, pack and still do some shopping. i really need a pedicure & maincure but am thinking I might splurge at the spa at Bally's tomorrow afternoon.

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