Monday, August 18, 2008

my summer of 1989

yet another meme, I had a feeling when Chris tagged my brother Chris this might be headed my way...
So yeah summer of '89 not exactly a great summer, a pivotal one but not a particularly happy one. This was the summer I did not graduate from college. This was back in the olden days before 5-6 years became the norm for college students. My brother had his own stuff going on as well that summer & my parents were at that point more than eager to become empty nesters.
I found myself moved back home with the expectation I would attend the local university. I was miserable & home and my hometown was the last place I wanted to live and to add to the insanity I was under the mistaken impression that because I was 21 I was an adult and I knew everything. Things were tense at best around the house. And oddly enough I did not know everything
My summer did intersect some with my brother's-not really a shock or anything we are siblings and all- I attended several of his extravaganzas & was in fact the beer source not funding just purchase with the trade out being cartons of cigarettes let's just say I didn't have to buy many of my own cancer sticks that summer.
I was working full time at the cookie place in the mall and began to hang out with my manager and his boyfriend who ran one of the record stores. No not a typo yes it was a gay couple. They had a fun group of friends but I regrettably started distancing myself from friends, many I had known since grammar school. It took my 20th high school reunion to reconnect with most of those girls. I suppose that falls under the if I only knew then what I know know sort of categories.
It wasn't all doom & gloom got to see New Order, PIL & the Sugarcubes in concert that summer also went up to Saratoga Springs and saw Elton John. There was a great amusement park in Saratoga and another not far in MA that we went to several times.
By the end of summer I had moved out of my parents house & in with my new friends. That friendship would eventually lead me to music retail, Knoxville and indeed David which lead to C and Oscar the superpug.
I am going to pass it along to Jenni and Anna and Pete and Allison you could do really short ones on twitter...

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