Wednesday, August 20, 2008

baby watch 2008

no no not me we have covered the whole we are just having the one child thing haven't we?
Niece #1 is the one being watched-this is her first and as luck would have it she is here in K-town for the summer while her hubs is at drill Sergeant school in the Carolinas.
And I say luck in spite of the fact that it was the fender bender that put on early baby watch-she is only around 30 weeks and is actually due the end of October. Since the wreck she has been dilating and intermittently contracting, spent a week in the hospital and is now at home on bed rest but the doctor's visit yesterday had her dilated to 6 cm with the baby's guesstimated weight at just under 4 lbs.. So we are expecting baby anytime now-her hubs doesn't get back to town till next week and her baby shower is on the 30th although it could very well be more of a baby's already here kind of party!

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Missybw said...

Bless them all... praying everything turns out okay. You are all in our thoughts!