Friday, August 22, 2008

Vegas baby! Vegas!

I must admit Swingers was one of those OMG what a great movies that eh I can take it or leave it I don't really get the appeal.
Now Vegas itself I get the appeal. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to go on a buying trip there each summer. Although industry and store situation being what they were I didn't get to go last summer so I am excited about this year's trip! And in spite of what the naysayer hubs says I do go for work 4 convention centers worth of product in fact. It doesn't all apply to our store but it is so much fun to wander the booths. So work during the day and at night it's Vegas the restaurants, shows, casinos and gambling-the grown-ups Disney. I am not exactly a card shark but blackjack is fun and in spite of slots being a waste of time I am under the (probably misguided) impression that one day I will hit it big-I did win $400 once not exactly really big but better than a slap in the face 'ya know.
Pre-C days David would come out with me but for the past several years I have been going by myself which does not bother me in the least. I actually enjoy the alone time but this year I got talked into bringing along a co-worker and I am really hoping that won't be a mistake. Oh well I suppose if it is it'll be just that much more to blog about right? positive spin right?
So have a million and one things to do before we leave on Sunday both here at work and at home not least of which is deciding the wardrobe and co-ordinating shoes. MAGIC is a major fashion event can not show up looking slubby, need to hit the bookstore long travel days need some new stuff to read plus I need to get a bag for the laptop can't leave home with out that now can we? And to top it all off C got sent home from school early with a sore throat today, no fever or anything so I am hoping it is no big deal!

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