Tuesday, August 19, 2008

meet the teacher part II

so last night was Parent's Night at School for the third graders. Well not the third graders the parents of third grades they discourage bringing your child along which is actually kind of a pain but luckily MIL picked C up and checked homework, fed him, paid him for just being cute? near as I can tell anyway I am not sure if he helped around the house or not last night.
I had silenced my phone and had 1/2 dozen calls from home David forgot it was parent's night even though I did tell him and wrote it on the calendar in the kitchen not to mention he could have called his mom & found C right away. Amusingly he had left his phone at work so he could not get my text message and just kept calling me-goofball.....
Love going to events at the schools although the parking lot over at the new campus is much larger than the Primary school you may have to walk but at least you can find a space to park in. Then there are the crazy parents who 5 minutes before the event are racing around the circle up front expecting a space? or parking on a curb or sidewalk because they are too lazy to walk any sort of distance. Trust me you are no more important than any of the rest of us.
Had the little PTA spiel and little speech by the principal & the vice-principals then got to go to our child's classroom. after making it through the herd of parents to the classroom went to C's desk and some dad was already sitting there with his wife the parent's of the girl who sits next to C. I loved that he seemed genuinely confused that I would want to sit at my son's desk and look through his desk & journal much like his wife was doing at their daughter's desk. They had grabbed my orientation packet so I had to ask for it back as well. I was polite(with my luck C will wind up marrying this girl or something) but I sort of felt like smacking him in the back of the head.
I liked the teacher she admitted to not being good in front of a room full of parents which may explain why she was not so chatty the very first day but I thought she did fine. Can see where C might think she is strict she seemed no nonsense yet friendly and very personable. I was suitably impressed that she is computer savvy gave her email out, the class has a web page, the whole nine yards. I realize that not everyone has a computer but I was appalled when C was in first grade to not get any response from his teacher to an email. I eventually sent in a note and was told that was the best way to reach her. Then last year when the teacher was getting parent's info I had to suggest including emails in the parent list! Luckily not an issue this year hooray! Honestly you have a better chance of reaching me through email than you do calling my home phone. And I do not know how once again C has lucked into a not big into homework sort of teacher but he has! She gives 1 sheet a night says it should take them no longer than 20 minutes and nothing on Fridays. She gave us links for the text books so the kids don't have to carry them home to study or anything all assignments will be handouts. I think it's great but I still can not believe how lucky he has been.

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