Monday, August 25, 2008

getting old

or just pathetic?
after a long day of travel co-worker & I grabbed dinner and turned in by 9 granted it was midnight for us but the clock said 9! I didn't gamble a dime! although one of the machines did call out to me so might need to visit that today.
Good night sleep woke up early but having a roomie meant I couldn't turn on a light & read or turn the tv on finally logged on around 5.30 local time-again 3 hours behind what our bodies are use to. She is ok to travel with but had called boyfriend 1/2 dozen times yesterday-isn't young love grand? I talked to David once and texted him once, still love & miss him but we are only gone 4 days not 4 weeks.
Bally's is good but we got a crappy crappy view ah well at least beds are comfy!
Now we are going to get ready grab breakfast at the buffet in Paris and off to the show to buy some cool stuff for the store!

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Maria said...

That's where we stayed when we got married! Did you know you're allowed to use the Paris pool? Have fun!