Thursday, August 28, 2008

back to life

well sort of I took today off from work mainly because it the first of my crazy Thursday adventures this semester. I am taking a basic biology classes as a pre-requisite for micro-biology next semester. I took an Advanced Bio in high school many many many moons ago so I am hoping the class will be more review type stuff for me and based on today's lecture this will hopefully not be very taxing it seems pretty basic. Originally I had registered for a Saturday lecture which of course got cancelled because I was only 1 of 2 to register for that lecture. That would have made my life so much easier but no such luck so I picked a twice a week early lecture which should hopefully work well for me, I can get C on the bus then head out to class and be to work by 9.30ish. Being an early class meant that parking was not too difficult a nice benefit I did not originally consider. I am taking a lab on Thursdays as well from 3-5 which means leaving early from work and going to that as well as having MIL pick C up & drop him at tae kawn do for me, where I will collect him after my lab.
I took today because well I'm tired, need to do laundry, collect Oscar the superpug and run a few other errands plus the whole class/lab thing as well. I sort of hoped to grab a nap someplace along the way but don't see that happening

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