Wednesday, August 27, 2008

home again home again

I am looking forward to seeing my boys, sleeping in my own bed, doing laun..alright not looking forward to that but I have a suitcase full of dirty clothes & I suspect a basket or 3 at home as well.
It's been a good trip we found some good new lines & products to bring into the store. The past several years I have travelled by myself so it was nice to have company & she has a good eye not to mention she is 14 years younger & knows better some of the things I might have passed on. As far as Vegas we didn't do so much which was disappointing and to be honest I like to travel on my own even when David & I have been out here we tend to split most evenings when we are gambling the only time co-worker actually wanted to go out on her own was about an hour last night when I was ready to go back to the room. So I did not do too much gambling because I don't like someone hanging over my shoulder hell even at slots I doubled my money and she urged me to cash out, I didn't think it would be very nice to tell her to buzz off so we went to see the water show at Bellagio-which has the best dinner buffet in my estimation. Paris is the best breakfast and had I been on my own I would have headed over this morning early before we have to head to the airport but I am being polite & we'll grab something at the airport.
So another long day of travel ahead which sucks but hopefully the little televisions in the seat work better this flight, plus I have a book or two to keep my occupied then back to crazy buys life tomorrow!

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