Saturday, August 16, 2008

if she is queen I am at the very least a princess

a meme from the self-descibed Queen of Quirks at My Crazy Little Mixed Up World
time for some rules -
1. link to the person you tagged you
2. mention rules
3. tell 6 quirky yet unspectacular details about self
4. tag others
5. let others know they are tagged
this one is a hard one only 6? and 6 that I am actually willing to share on the innerweb?

1. I have to get a shower every morning even if I took I shower the night before I just do not feel awake or clean without one. Coffee soon follows.

2. I am very particular about how the dishwasher should be loaded, yes after D has helped I have been known to empty and re-load the machine

3. quirk or medical mystery? I get the hiccoughs a lot

4. onions bear with me on this one I like the flavor they give food, I like onion rings, I like onions in all manner of Asian cuisines but I do not like onions. Won't eat them in Mexican food, casseroles, on my burger or in or on anything

5. Music in the car, I will generally turn off the radio when making a left turn or in heavy traffic. Both car wrecks I've been in were making left turns and for some reason the radio being on sticks out in my head strongly. And anytime the Rolling Stones have a song come on I will turn them off due to near miss in the car 15 years ago while one of their songs was playing.

6. I will make the bed at night before climbing into it-one of D's quirks would be his inability to make the bed in the mornings. He is an army brat and his father would do the whole bounce the quarter on the bed in the morning so David & his brother(JJ) were scarred for life and can now not make their beds.

again not going to tag anyone join in if you dare!


Chris D said...

Suck it up...Play the is short and we are not winning a Pulitzer any time soon.

Chris Curtin said...

Why make the bed? In less than 18 hours you'll be back in it. Plus the comforter covers the sheets, which need to breath.

When Deb is away I don't make the bed. I do change the sheets the morning she gets home, but I never make the bed.