Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm not lost I just don't know where I am

famous last words of my mother on more than one occasion. The woman has a great sense of direction and always has a plethora of maps at her disposal in fact the first time my parents came for a visit first thing we did was run to get her local maps so she could navigate her way around town. Dad not so much with the sense of direction and he in fact got a Garmin for Christmas last year, we made fun but he uses it frequently and it did come in handy for the zoo trip even if it did send us to the employee parking lot. D asked if I wanted one & quite frankly I don't really need one my travels are pretty routine and for road trips an atlas is always in the car plus google directions have thus far worked well enough for me. Yesterday had me wanting one though-I was going to the actual house of The House of Flying Monkeys so Friday I printed up google directions originating at my own house(no monkeys just a crazy pug here). As I was about to leave it dawned on me that directions from my work might provide a different route so I looked them up and wrote them on the back of my paper. Arrived using original directions with no problems it was however daylight when I arrived. Leaving later at night in the dark was problematic for some reason I got all sorts of turned around-I know follow the directions backwards for some reason it did not connect for me. Luckily I had the alternate directions with me and before I drove all over creation and wound up in Gatlinburg or worse used up a tank of gas I found a road I could use rather quickly and found my way to Chapman Hwy and from there well hell even the car knows they way from there!

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