Tuesday, August 12, 2008

first day recap

so it was a good first day although the new teacher "she's strict" C did not have too much specific about how strict it mostly involved the disciplinary actions "if you pull a red card you not only lose 2 days of recess you have to go to the Principal's office and write your own note home" Tragic in the life of an 8 years old I reminded C that he should just not get a red card problem solved. He did have a smidge of math homework(it took him maybe all of five minutes) which was not done at daycare so no television after dinner for the boy and I told him punishments for not starting homework at daycare would get increasingly more severe. We have so much going on during the week and it is such an adjustment for him to have homework at all but I think got the point across to him yesterday, guess we'll find out this afternoon. Then there was the personal quandary to I check his homework? I went with no yesterday It was only 1 sheet he did not ask for help and quite frankly I did 3 grade once and I am not doing the work a second time plus my own class starts in 2 weeks and I 'm sure I will have plenty of my own homework. Any other mothers have an opinion on the homework helping issue?
Then we had the little get to know you project-hobby, something you like, family and so on and so forth. And the realization that the last photo of the 3 of us portrait or candid is from Christmas 4 years ago no really 4 years. And then I had a fight with D over that except he was in another room and completely oblivious to my rants about him-anyone else have 1 sided arguments? By the time I ran into him in the hallway argument in my head resolved and I told him we were going to have a family portrait done in the next few weeks. C needs a haircut so I am thinking next weekend will be perfect so I am just going to schedule something.


Jennilu said...

Well, as for the homework, I would take that on a case by case situation. If C is having a hard time understanding a concept or the instructions then a little further help from you might be all he needs. However, if he is comfortable with the assignment and knows how to do it, just let him do it and let him be responsible for the accuracy. I use to sit with Kaylea as she did all 90 minutes of her homework in 1st grade, but not anymore. Now I am available if she has a question.

Also, I highly recommend Portrait Innovations for your family picture. We had the Christmas pictures of Kaylea, that are on my Facebook, taken there. I won't use another photography studio anymore. They are fabulous!

Cathy said...

Until middle school, as long as I understand the homework, I check it. I use an eraser instead of a pencil and erase the mistakes. Then, I hand it back for the child to try again. If they are wrong again, I handle ignoring it or teaching the missed skill on a child by child basis. Sometimes they need to learn to pay attention in class. Sometimes, they really need extra help to learn the skill.

Chris Curtin said...

Sorry, I know you asked for 'moms' here, but here is what we do:

They do it themselves, with us helping when they ask (or Courtney starts her 'I'm Frustrated' dance in her chair.)

When they are done we check it. I also erase what is wrong. Depending on the subject, either the whole problem or leave up until they made the mistake (erasing long division problems is cruel!)

As for one sided conversations, aren't they all? "Yes dear, you are correct": didn't they teach him that a Pre Canna? j/k

overtly trite said...

sorry I should have said parents not just moms :)
so we had our first I need help last night and all it was he needed help understanding the question which I did indeed assist with. C had 2 answers wrong and D just pointed out he needed to over his work and the boy caught it from there.

overtly trite said...

and yes chris in fact that is the marital advice D always gives out!
I just think it's funny I don't need him for the argument anymore :)