Monday, August 11, 2008

first day of school

his first at the Intermediate School no less! I reminded him about 10 dozen times to stay on the bus when they got to the Primary School and as I have not gotten a frantic phone call I am assuming he remembered-he does have friends on the bus so it really wasn't a huge concern. C complained of a sore throat off & on yesterday and had an ever so slight fever but a shot of tylenol & early bed time he was right as rain this morning. D reminded me the boy had the same sort of minor illness after the day camp sleepover last year so just need to file that info away for next year and tylenol him before the sleepover perhaps. Surprisingly he got right up this morning still stumbling a bit but he stumbled into the kitchen fully dressed and raring to go. I even made sausage & eggs for my baby-biscuits too although they were the microwave kind. His fancy new wrestling backpack has not arrived yet so I loaned him mine for the time being and his Yankees lunchbox was bursting at the seams with food for a growing boy. The bus did come at the correct time, there was some concern because I could not get the information to come up on the school website yesterday or this morning but 6.49 and it was there. One of the girls going into 4th grade informed C his teacher was hard & mean so I can't wait to hear his take on things. I am however sure it will be fine he is mostly a really good kid & a good student.
and I didn't even cry we all know what an absolute sentimental sap I am about this stuff so I was proud of myself-welled up a little but no real tears this year!


Missybw said...

Yay C!!! Going to Big Boy school, with a bus and everything. And yay you for with the whole "wings to fly and roots to grow" thing.

Jennilu said...

Fun first day. We will be going through this next Monday. Kaylea is too excited.

Oh, by the way, I tagged you on a meme over at my place.