Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cost of things

yes gas prices are high. D & I tend to play musical cars in the summer & he usually takes care of getting gas so luckily I can go weeks will out having to fill up either car. Happily I might add it is painful watching how much it all costs. But have I stopped driving or for that matter even cut back on my driving? no what is it that I can cut out? going to work? school? the grocery store? taking kid to ccd? baseball? tae kwan do? None of it can be dropped. I do try to combine trips and at the behemoth of Turkey Creek park in a central location and walk although generally speaking quite honestly I only go to one store ok yes it's Target(I can't help myself I'm addicted).
Where it seems to hurt us the most is at the grocery store. Prices have gone up and it seems like we are spending double what we were even at the beginning of the year. Of course the fact that the boy is eating us out of house and home doesn't help matters. I do what I can to cut costs-coupon shop, check the weekly fliers but it's just expensive these days! I know I said this last summer but I really want to do a garden well I suppose next year at this point. It's not cheap to eat healthily but we are trying!

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