Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am resolved next year to put out a garden in our backyard. My sil was over last night & we were talking about all of the hepatitis, salmonella and food recalls this past year & a vegetable garden just seems to make sense-plus fresh veggies at the grocery store can get expensive! When I first married into the family my fil always had a huge garden each summer, I use to love family dinners it was like go to a farm stand that didn't charge you! His last few summers being up & about he only planted greens-but lots of greens, more greens than several families knew what to do with. We were living at the house the last garden year, and fil had told his church friends to come by & please help themselves to some greens. At the time we were living in the house, C was 1 & just walking so he would help pee-paw pick greens, very cute indeed but more importantly it was the good 'ol days when C took naps. Yes naps those wonderful couple of hours of bliss and quiet for mommy & daddy. We could nap as well, eat a meal or watch a movie good times, good times..anyway inevitably these church folks would RING THE BELL just to let us know they were going to pick some greens. I'm sure it was polite and all but come on did I need to know? If I looked out the window and saw strangers picking greens I was not exactly going to call the police or anything!

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