Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I really am the queen of stats!

holy crap I got an A
yes I got an A
once again A
I think I might be in shock. I also think if I take anything more challenging than basket weaving in a summer session course someone should slap me or a the very least shake me really hard....I really want to call my mom but don't want to wake her, I suppose I'll wait an hour or so just in case.
one more time an A-there will be no living with me today and considering my goal was to just pass the class after the first week I have impressed myself.
wow not many places you can go celebrate at 6.56 in the morning.
I really thought I had messed up the final, having been sick all flippin weekend I did not get in the study time I wanted to and after the exam I was unhappy because I knew I had screwed up one question pretty bad and in my head I knew it was one problem and you still get point for work it's math answers are not simply right or wrong but I had convinced myself I would be lucky to eek out a C but no no an A.
OK I m done gloating for now and I can proudly tell C that mommy indeed did get an A


Anna said...

Congrats...I think a good lunch out soon is in order.

Chris D said...

Well done.. I knew you could do it...

overtly trite said...

thank you guys!
ladies lunch after I get back on 8/5?

Maria said...

Congratulations!! Go you!

Byron said...

Cool beans. Congrats...I'll skip the ladies lunch though. ;) (unless it's KFC hot wings!)

overtly trite said...

step away from the chicken byron