Monday, July 21, 2008

first concert

mine was Adam Ant, the Romantics opened for him, I must have been a junior in high school as I did indeed go to my first concert with chicken pox(thanks ever so much Chris).
Yesterday morning I read that Smashing Pumpkins were playing a date here in town, mentioned to D(he is a big fan , I like them well enough but not well enough for a $50 ticket), it was no sooner out of my mouth and C pipes up he wants to go and he'll pay for his own ticket and he indeed could pay for his own ticket, on any given day he has more cash on hand that D & I combined. For a brief flash I considered letting him go but it is on a school night and my 8 year old 3rd grader is not missing school because he was out late at a show. It is not a note I am willing to write just yet.
Regardless it will be a boys night out D and his brother JJ are going to go-JJ will creep into blog more now that he has officially moved back to K-town. Currently he will be residing with his mother. I am putting together a board to see how long folks think it will last-if 'ya want a piece of the action email me


allison said...

My first concert was Cyndi Lauper in 3rd grade...

Girls just want to have fun...

Anna's Dad said...

My first concert was either Ozzy Osborne, Metallica, Judas Priest or some really awesome heavy metal band that was really macho and cool for guys! And if anyone said it was me and Ed Lizak at a Journey concert with Bryan Adams opening, well, they're just lying!

Thank you so much for the heart felt congratulations on our getting the referral for our daughter. I'm so glad it led us to your blog - wow you guys are having fun! I hope we can get in touch sometime soon and especially that your mom and dad are well.

Love Anna, Molly, Katharine, and the dude who's second concert was the Cars and Wang Chung (ouch!)

Chris Curtin said...

Holy crap, John beat me to a blog post?

My first concert was Def Leopard. (See here )

There were then a few other concerts with John & Ed. I didn't go to Journey but we did see The Firm, Robert Plant and someone else (Foreigner maybe?)

Mommy of 2 Girls said...

My first concert with Kool & the Gang with my parents. Yes the word Loser comes to mind!! Ha ha! I did see New Edition with some friends as my first oficial big girl concert. Of coarse Dad drove to New Haven and back but still LOSER!!

overtly trite said...

Allison-3rd grade huh? I'll keep an eye out for something not on a school night

John-I might keep the whole Wang Chung thing under my hat if I were you :)

Anna said... just scored so many cool points with your first concert. Actually both You and Allison did. Darn. I was 6 years old and taken to see Neil Diamond on his Jazz Singer tour. Which was really incredible for a 6 year old, btw.

I do, though also have the unfortunate honor of having been given tickets to the Club MTV tour from my niece and nephew whereby I got to witness one of the biggest hoaxes of our generation...Milli Vanilli. They really put on a heckuva lipsynch performance.