Sunday, July 20, 2008

the wonderous curing powers of pizza?

woke up this morning feeling even worse having real problems swallowing and I spent a large part of the day in bed with C as nursemaid, D had to work so the boy kept checking on me and more importantly just behaving, he really is a wonderful kid!
We had food at the house for dinner but all of involved defrosting or cooking & I wasn't about to get in a car and go anywhere so I ordered pizza for the boy. When it got here it smelled good I was hungry for something besides chicken noodle soup so I thought what the hell and had a piece, I also managed to wrestle a couple of the chicken dippers away from C, coupled with the burn of the canned soda my throat started to improve. And what is is about canned soda? That burny sort of feeling is so good. Anywho throat still hurts a bit but I am feeling loads better.
Got a little bit of studying in not as much as I would have liked but I am going to split from work a little early to try and study some more and hope for the best tomorrow night!

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