Thursday, July 24, 2008

if you fly

is it really road tripping?
I suppose we did drive from NY to CT so small road trip involved. As we left the house just before 5 this morning I did not have a chance to check weather and such and did not know it had been raining cats & dogs up here-to the point the people had spent the night at LaGuardia etc.
We were lucky landed a little bit late but not so much so. LaGuardia was a zoo even more so than usual which made sense after I found out about the weather. Traffic getting out of the city & Westchester took some time but we still made it to Mom & Dad's by 10:30ish and Mom was evidently surprised to see us that early. Who knew? Not me...
I always get a kick out of flying up because generally speaking they hire a car & driver to pick us up & deliver us to their doorstep and we get the little sign, granted he spelled the name wrong but so many do, hard to believe my maiden name was easier. Going to the airport was so much more fun "back in the old days" (READ AS PRE 9-11)when you could hang out at the gate watch planes take off etc I remember many a time dropping off or picking my grandmother up and it was always fun. Now not so much an event any longer and more of a drop off or pick up at the door sort of thing no need to waste time by parking and going in the building.

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