Thursday, July 24, 2008

mommy of the year

yup not winning that one again. This morning got up got the boy up at O-dark-hundred, he was dragging out of bed doing his whole oh my belly hurts routine and verbatim from me
I don't care if you throw up we are flying today regardless so get your butt out of bed and move.
So he threw up. Not sure what prompted it but he has been out of sorts most of the day thus far. You can tell he was sick and this wasn't just an over excited sort of thing first of all he has refused food more than several times today, he did not drink his soda on the flight, he did not play his nintendo ds either. In fact he slept most of the flight and the drive to my parent's house as well. We manged to get him to eat some toast and drink some ginger ale so we'll see, not a fun way to start a vacation though.

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