Saturday, July 26, 2008

grandpa's boy

when C was younger coming to CT to visit with my parents was quite frankly exhausting, they did not particularly baby proof anything, they live in a split level house so the 2 flights of stairs were part of the amusement, up and down, up and down like I said exhausting. I always felt like I needed a vacation from vacation. One trip up C became Dad's shadow and has never stopped. He follows grandpa around like a puppy dog always wanting to know where Dad is, what he is doing, what he is going to do, if he needs help, he wants to show Dad his current Lego ship, a book he is reading you name he is just 2 steps behind his beloved grandpa. My Dad loves it and loves the boy but sometimes well C can be a bit much as all kids can and Dad doesn't want to hurt his feelings. A sentiment he did not embrace as a parent, as no parent does quite frankly. I love my boy, think he is funny, smart etc but sometimes he needs to be told to buzz off for a minute or two he can be overwhelming when you are trying to get laundry done, dinner made or make a phone call.
I find it amusing to watch but generally step in and talk C down and away from Dad so he can do whatever it was he wanted to do without assistance.

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