Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday night fun

not not really I am home alone with the dog alternately having the chills and now I am sweating and my tonsil are enlarged so glad I spent my $15 co-pay to figure that out...
D pushed me into going to one of those minute clinics at CVS and I am glad I went the strep test came back negative but it could be a false negative so they also send it out and I should get more info in a few days however this boils down to it is probably viral and you can't take magic pills to feel better, she prescribed me something to gargle with that helps a little but my throat still hurts like hell. If there is no improvement by Monday I am going to call our family doctor because I am telling you this hurts as bad as the strep a few years ago.
The boys took MIL out to dinner I am glad for whatever reason we did not do all of the shopping for the cookout last night or there would be a pile of shrimp here I could not eat. And another thing I am not a big fan of soup, the brothy kind that is, I love clam chowder and pretty much any sort of bisque, chicken noodle not so much and I am tired of jello maybe I'll try some scrambled eggs. And I am bored out of my mind, can't concentrate enough to read a book, tv sucks and blah blah blah, not even getting into the fact that sick or not still have the final on Monday that I need to study for tomorrow isn't life grand?

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