Tuesday, July 15, 2008

good grief

sorry I was soo very whiney yesterday even annoyed myself after a while.
-Made it through class-only 2 left both of which involve exams so fingers crossed people.
-Looking forward to a lunch date with the girls at Crown & Goose again with the added benefit of Magpie's just across the street. cupcakes will be involved
-Just 9 days from travel to CT to see the parental units
-work is less well, Monday so far and I plan on a leisurely lunch so hopefully not so much stress there today
-new season of Project Runway starts tomorrow
so all in all much improved mood today but it is only 11:00 am


Chris D said...

When... Not IF... When you go to trellis for breakfast have the wholesome pancakes if it's on the menu.. one of the best pancake mankind has ever seen.

overtly trite said...

yes but did they take to American Pie?

Allison said...

Umm...you have to let me on on the cupcaking next time.

overtly trite said...

for sure we seem to be doing it monthly I will let you know when we set another up

Chris D said...

No time for pie...sadly