Friday, July 18, 2008

pre-vacation slacker syndrome

it's what I have. and I have it baaad Dr. Missy diagnosed me.
I just do not want to do anything which sucks-there is quite a bit to do here at work especially as I will miss 7 work days, back to school is fast upon us as is my buying trip to Vegas(no really it is for work despite what D thinks), then I still have my final on Monday, my house still could use some cleaning time, laundry well it's never finished around my house, I still need a pedicure, packing for myself & the boy needs done, we are having a birthday dinner for MIL tomorrow although it will mostly involve grilling so I just have to shop & worry about side dishes.
As far as the vacating part it is usually very relaxing visiting my folks there really isn't all that much to do in my hometown, they have a mall and well that is about it-not even a Chuck-E-Cheese which surprises me but then again no one asked my opinion. They do have a train museum which we can go to and I believe we are going to spend a day at the Bronx Zoo which should be fun I have not been in many years and it is an amazing zoo so I am looking forward to that. Other than that I have a stack of books that have been ignored while I spent my weekends doing stats so I plan on maximum goof off time for CT.

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