Sunday, July 13, 2008

where did the weekend go?

here it is Sunday night already and I am not sure where my weekend went to...
Friday was good. A late night unusual for us, ok me these days
Saturday was a nice lazy day I kept thinking about getting off the couch and going for a pedicure but that never happened, goofed on the computer some & watched the Lance Henrikson Channel, MIL returned the boy to us with some cash but no new toys for a change. Later on the boys went to see Speed Racer at the dollar theater which is in fact not a dollar at all but $4-still a bargain because that includes the popcorn. I managed to get off the couch and meet some of the girls for dinner at Soho Cafe followed by Ben & Jerry's-Chinese food, ice cream and female bonding what could you ask for? As luck would have it the girls night started early which meant I was home in time for D to head to his poker game so we both managed some alone time.
This morning I discovered the trick to sleeping in till 9-be awake for two hours in the middle of the night-worked like a charm. A charm I hope that is not repeated tonight.
Caught up on laundry-who am I kidding? I did some laundry not caught up though, read the paper, cleaned a little, did my nails, still need a pedicure though maybe next weekend, went grocery shopping and to the dreaded Walmart-don't do that on Sundays-it was nuts! C had a gift card burning a whole in his pocket and wanted to get himself Fate next time we go a whole lot earlier or a whole lot later than 2 on a Sunday. And seriously dude that was waaaay more than 20 items can you not count? The grocery store wasn't as bad and I ran into someone I had not seen in a few months. Could not find knockwurst so we had to settle for brats which were just fine but I am looking forward to some proper German sausage from Karl Ehmer when we are in CT.
Now I've got the Sunday blahs sort of dreading the week ahead....


Chris Curtin said...

I miss good sausage too. When we were in CT for Anna's christening I bought all the fresh sausage that the place next to Rosie's had. (As you are heading down Mill Plain to Rosie's there is a building on the right with an italian deli.)

I thought Deb was going to die when I walked out with 15 lbs of 3 different kinds, but my Dad was in heaven when he grilled them. Technically they were for his birthday but he did let us all eat some!

Have a safe trip to CT.

overtly trite said...

and decent bagels another benefit of traveling north!