Friday, July 18, 2008

girl's night out hits the road

yes I got in touch with the girls up in Yankee land to organize a night out on the town, such as it is I'm telling you not much going on up in Danbury...
So I had lost touch with hmm pretty much everyone over the years but we reconnected around the time our high school reunion was being planned it was the 15th? oh alright it was the 20th let's not quibble over a few years. The past few years we try to organize a girl's night out sometimes it works out others not and honestly this past Christmas I didn't let anyone know we were up, it was the holidays we had family stuff they had family stuff no big deal.
I hadn't given it too much thought till this afternoon while I was busy trying to look busy and I emailed the bunch of them got responses quickly and everyone seems game which is great. Unfortunately there has been a whole lot of what day and where? now I can pick a day but I have no idea of the where, I think Danbury is still a good locale for everyone but specifically where who knows?
C of course wanted to know why my friends were all going to be in CT at the same time we were

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Allison said...

When are you leaving?? IF you're still in town, I'm organizing a Mama Mia trip on Sunday afternoon.