Monday, July 14, 2008

and it has been downhill ever since

started my morning out with a minor panic attack at work-oh wait I really started out by being accosted by a homeless guy as I was walking into the store, fun when you are trying to get in the store, re-lock and dash over to the ear-splitting wake-the-dead-alarm before it goes off while carrying all your junk & a hot cup of coffee. In all fairness discovered later he was indeed a bizzman selling watches perhaps not homeless at all but I digress..
Opened my pay stub to find less than a weeks worth of hours in the vacation slot. It is not something I generally concern myself with, I get several weeks a year & rarely use all my time but going away next week just gave it a glance. As I said panic attack, figured I would have to work both days this weekend and some overtime which is not really overtime per se as I am salary but I would owe the company time. I took a moment and emailed the owner that does payroll and she in fact had already deducted my time off so no worries but it was not an amusing start to my day.
My counterpart is on vacation this week so people talk to me more when he is gone and not in a good way I have to deal with more silliness than is humanly possible at work
'cause it's not like my normal silliness is going away or anything I just have double the fun.
And I have a headache that won't go away.
And PMS.
And class tonight.


Missybw said...

But you do have lunch with us tomorrow... there's that anyway. And, you have vacay in ten days. That too. So, even if the drink in the glass is yucky, it's still half full. Right?

Jennilu said...

Sounds like you need a drink. A nice, big, stout one. Maybe you can get a pint at C and G tomorrow.

overtly trite said...

or cupcakes
cupcakes might help

Chris D said...

mmmmmm cupcakes