Saturday, May 17, 2008

some good coming out of working on Saturday

I was busy bemoaning my fate stuck here on a Saturday-I'm salary it's not like I'm making overtime or anything. It is just tedious & repetitive this morning so I am not thrilled being here-still clean up from the west store closure. I took a goof off break and decided to check on availability for summer session still could not get the co-requisite lab for the biology so I changed tactics and looked at the probability & stats class which had been closed this week but as luck would have it there were open spaces so I registered! yay(I think) it will not be another wasted semester for me luckily my mother has the book & workbook the class uses(teacher editions no less) so I can save money on the text books plus she is going to loan me the calculator I'll need as well so yipee all around!
I'm putting my mother & aunt on sped dial as we speak-they are both math teachers both have taught this class it comes in handy let me tell ya!

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