Friday, May 16, 2008

little bit o' creepy

just got an email from the place of the rat-chuck e cheese for the uninitiated-we noticed C's birthday is June 13 would you like to book a party blah blah blah..
Last party we had for him there was um 4 years ago?
I can see it now in 10 years C is turning 18 and the email comes from the chuckster wanting to book a party for the lad.
I sort of feel violated...

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Missybw said...

(brrrrr) ookey! That is kind of odd. We got one of those back in Jan. from MSN about our niece Vickster and her account that we had established for her back when she was ten. They were letting us know that we should take more steps to protect her from predators since they cannot protect her now that she's over 13. Um, she's 18. That kinda made me a little annoyed, and creeped out. Feelin' what you're sayin.