Tuesday, May 13, 2008

paper or plastic?

it might not be PC these days but yes generally speaking I get plastic bags at the grocery store in all fairness we pretty much reuse every one that comes through the door.
bag they had nice, big with A few weeks ago I had run into Fresh Market for a few items a lo & behold saw a great reusable with pretty vegetables & fruit on it for a mere 99 cents so I picked one up it is perfect for those mid-week shops because I can never manage to buy everything for the week in 1 trip. This was the big family weekend and when I got home my mother admired the bag-I come by my bag lady tendencies honestly. My mother has many many tote & canvas bags no really many-so I said well here I'll just put it in your suitcase right now I can pick up another one...
Ha! I have been in Fresh Market each week since the they are just out damn it!
I did buy one of the canvas bags Kroger had-the big pink one that had proceeds going towards breast cancer research, it's a good sized one and Target had some on sale last week that were larger than they appeared so I picked a couple of those up as well.
They are great and I used them this weekend still needed some plastic bags but as I said they all get reused in our household.
Now the key will be remembering to put the bags back in the car, right now they are on the kitchen counter not so much help when I run by the grocery store this afternoon...

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Missybw said...

I've bought them, haven't put them in the car yet... still unused. I'm a horder. Sorry.