Tuesday, April 15, 2008

fabulous fun four day first communion weekend

this will be the highlight reel of sorts I have way too much to write about this weekend-if only my brother could have fixed my computer.....
just kidding! on a lucky & happy note Mom & Dad have an older laptop they are going to send us after my brother cleans it up-it's good to have a computer geek in the family!
so grab a cup of coffee pull up a chair & smoke 'em if ya got 'em
Friday-much cleaning in the a.m. and the harsh realization I have turned into my mother-pack rat disease runs in the family and I have vowed to stop the madness. Next month we get a dumpster toss bunches of stuff and the rest goes to Goodwill I am not even going to try a garage sale or it will sit collecting more dust.
Family all in town by late afternoon we hung out a bit, Oscar got groomed and yet another gay bandanna was bestowed upon him. Took entire group(minus Oscar) to Sam & Andy's a little K-town tradition for supper the Vol burger a big hit as was the chocolate creme pie. My mom & SIL have me thinking I need to get a BLT next time they looked yummy as well.
Saturday-Cracker Barrel for breakfast, much food consumed. C had to go to first communion practice for an hour not really quite sure what was practiced as I ran to the store to get party stuff for the big day. My dad & brother went off to Turkey Creek to hang out & have male bonding, my mom read and napped, D had a friend in from out of town and he was given a day pass to go do boy stuff as well. SIL & I clearly gluttons for punishment took the 3 kids down to Portrait Innovations to get a cousin pic taken, the last one was almost 2 years ago so it was over due. It is a good thing we do, it means lots to my parents and the 3 kids are cute together but let me tell you I think I would rather have a kick in the teeth next time. They are older now 9-7 & 6 but they are still KIDS and it was work wrangling them to behave while we waited-why do they not have more than 2 studios really? then the actual photos were exhausting as well plus I never noticed the youngest never smiles she has that whole pouting thing down-look for her on the runways let me tell you! Luckily D was in the are so we did not have to wait the 45 minutes for the photos to be finished.
Then the mass exodus to Outback for dinner-10 of us. For now let's just say Outback had an off night in their kitchen so my mom did not have to use her gift certificates. It really deserves a blog onto itself. So watch for that one soon!
Sunday-big day arrives! I started making a few things for later in the day plus got a big breakfast organized we managed to get everyone showered & dressed and to the church on time. C looked very sharp in his new suit however I must admit to a twinge or two of jealousy, wishing for a girl when I saw gaggles of them in their pretty white dresses & veils. C would just not even try a dress on for me-damn kid!
Mass ran a wee bit long but went well. My father being a deacon in the Catholic church was on the altar and gave C wine at communion. A special moment and we are lucky my father has performed the weddings of my brother & myself as well as baptised all 3 grand kids. And speaking of weddings D & I celebrated 12 years on sunday. How have I put up with him for so long? It was really a footnote for the day we plan to celebrate this upcoming weekend.
Party went well would have been better had it been warm & sunny but fun was had nonetheless-the cake from VG's was excellent-no Jesus cake but a nice cross decoration, the cupcakes from Magpies were a huge hit, D grilled chicken and I made the usual sides I think everyone had fun and were well fed. It was a run up to the large Memorial Day cookout we normally have which I am already looking forward to!
Monday-C got to stay home from school, he does not see his grandparents often enough so I do not have a problem with a 1 day "skip". We went to Mimi's for breakfast-again much food consumed. Then we just hung out all day it was enjoyable! Dropped the parents at the airport around 5 then back to the humdrum of every day- laundry, dishes, bedtime! The weekend went by much too quickly!!! So there are lots of details and back-stories I will write about later!


Missybw said...

Glad everything went well! Sounds like much fun had by all. Glad to hear you are getting a home computer, miss you on weekends. Poor Oscar, another cute bandana and he didn't get to go anywhere. Sassy I say, not gay!

BTW tell C not to talk to anybody from Opus Dei... they'll be looking for him now that he's confirmed.

nobody said...

we're safe for a few years confirmation is not till high school but I have my eyes open for those wackos-more on the religion stuff later this week. My family is indeed too Catholic which will be definitive this upcoming weekend.

Missybw said...

Sorry, got first communion and confirmation confused... got Passover on the brain, it happens. Pass the wine?