Saturday, May 1, 2010

kids & cell phones

have been very much against this idea for quite some time in spite of countless pleas from my almost 10 year old..he has no real need for one or does he???? if his goofy father would answer his cell this morning I might not be rethinking my position.

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Sherry said...

I felt that way too, my daugther wanting a phone and most of her friends already having them. I finally decided to get her one when I got fed up of her dad not answering his phone when she would go to his house for the weekend. I decided on a Kajeet cell phone, for many reasons. No contracts, GPS tracking feature, but most of all their excellent online parental controls. If you decide to get a cell phone, check them out at and save 15% off the purchase of your phone. I have been very pleased with their service.