Wednesday, April 28, 2010


used to be I wore a size 9 shoe always a size 9 I could walk into any shoe store pick a pair size 9 and buy them without bothering to try them on..I could get shoes as a gift because the buyer could buy me a size 9 and they would fit but then. The only downside to the situation was I could not squeeze my size 9s into my Imelda Marcos like mother's size 8 1/2 shoe collection. C'est la Vie. And then many moons ago pregnancy happened and I was no longer a size 9 shoe, my feet seemed to balloon over night and like so many things anatomically my feet were not quite the same after childbirth. Shoe shopping became excruciating because now depending on the cut of the shoe sometimes I am a 9 1/2 and sometimes a 10 the occasional size 9 will still fit but cute shoes are increasing difficult to find in those larger and half sizes! And forget shopping online I have to try on every pair of shoe I buy and I have a feeling online would involve way to many returns and too much hassle for my tastes. So I am left drooling over petite sized adorable shoes and in search of the holy grail in larger sized shoes..maybe I need to befriend a drag queen and find out where they shop

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