Tuesday, April 27, 2010

summer camp

about time for my annual whine about not ever going to summer camp.....and I ALWAYS wanted to go to summer camp. Summers were always fun, I grew up back in the days that you got on your bike and were gone maybe till lunch or even dinner running around with friends. For many years we would go to the beach several times a week, we took little day trips with my mother & grandmother, lunches, trips to book stores and the standard 1 week family vacation in Vt. excruciatingly very normal, very Mayberry but alas no camp for me..no one I knew went to camp either so I have no idea why I fixated on this...or why I still am for that matter but there it is and I am sure I'll complain same place similar time next year as arrangements are made for C and his summer. He will be attending the same daycare/summer camp he has been for the past 4 years with a week in CT to see my folks and 2 weeks of basketball camp (week 2 courtesy of MIL) of course C came with a flyer a 4-H sleep away camp that he was salivating over and I have come across various and sundry week long camps that I think he would get a kick out of...oh okay some of them I want to go to too! The camp he goes to will credit 1 week a summer but they do not have a revolving door policy and C will not be headed to 4-H camp-this summer anyway next summer due to age restrictions will be the last at his current daycare and in 2 years I will be scrambling around trying to find a variety of week long camps with full day hours to keep him occupied as well as foisting him on various and sundry relatives for a week here or there

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