Monday, March 23, 2009


we did the family cookout thing at MIL's house yesterday it was also a bon voyage for SIL who is moving to Las Vegas. Of course a family friend was there with her granddaughter T who is a year older than C. They have played together since they were very young, birthday parties, family gatherings etc. Not best friends or anything but they are together often enough to get along however I sensed a definite shift in things yesterday. C got water allover the jersey he was wearing & he took it off-not so strange he has always been a bit odd about that sort of happenstance if it's wet it's dirtyin his world I almost taught him how to do his own laundry when he was 3 but he couldn't reach the knobs to start the machine. Anywho yesterday wet jersey off and this left him in a plain white shirt okay fine except he spilled food on it now that doesn't bother him normally, wipe it off and go(and no I don't know why food junk on his clothes is okay but not water somethings I am better off not trying to understand). This time however he put his shirt on inside out to hide the stain from T I suppose???? When did we start caring what a girl thought? So big ewww I am so not ready for all that nonsense

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