Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am in a bit of a mood today and have been dreaming of vacation....not just any vacation but a vacation all by my lonesome. Yes I like to travel on my own, I also enjoy eating out by myself and even going to the movies solo. Someone at work asked where I would go and my first thought was hell I'd settle for Gatlinburg if it meant I could be by myself! What came out of my mouth was London which would be nice or maybe New York? Vienna? Munich? all places I have been and really enjoyed or maybe someplace I have not been Florence? Aruba? Scotland? Portugal? Hong Kong? Not that it matters all that much I don't seem to have in solo vacations on my horizon any time soon


JMS said...

Hey - I know you like to travel solo, but what say you and I pawn the kiddies off on our husbands and go travel in Italy or Ireland or Scotland for a couple of weeks, eh?

Sounds perfect to me!

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

overtly trite said...

wish I could :)
i keep thinking I need to renew my passport just in case