Saturday, November 22, 2008

saturday breakfast

growing up we would always go out to breakfast on Saturdays and I miss that! We would go to the diner-and boy do I miss those living in the South-my brother I would sit on either side on the booth and feed quarters into the jukebox courtesy of our grandmother and enjoy our pancakes or french toast. When we got older my parents found a new haunt(and yes Chris you guys should go next time you are in Dbury)where you can still find them each and every Saturday. It is always a highlight of the trip up North although I wonder if is more family tradition than anything else because while my brother & I will always get up & drag kids along our spouses always prefer to sleep in. For years now poor C always tries to order biscuits, he does not understand the North/South divide just yet.
I keep thinking we need to start getting up and going to breakfast but for some reason on the weeks we have nothing going on we are very lazy on Saturdays and breakfast is pretty far from an organized event. Maybe next weekend...

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