Sunday, November 23, 2008

anyone have a daughter I can borrow?

in my overly enthusiastic Christmas spirit mode I really want to go to the Fantasy of Trees this year and maybe even go see the Nutcracker which was annual holiday fare for me for many years. I could drag C along to this stuff but I fear it would indeed be dragging.
I might be able to talk him into Fantasy of Trees we've only been to that once when he was 2 maybe 3 his daycare marched in the little parade dressed up as penguins it was cute as hell. He wasn't technically old enough but the daycare was short a kid and since he has always been so big for his age they snuck him in to the lineup. He even got Santa's autograph big doings I tell 'ya.


Chris D said...

Emily is on the AA flight 237 from OHare. No give backs.

Missybw said...

See, that's the problem with those kid people... they don't let you borrow, only permanent keep! I think we're going to Fantasy next Sunday with Kaylea, you're welcome to join us! BTW - next Friday night is the tree lighting downtown - group trip?!

Chris Curtin said...

I need directions from the highway to your house. Deb left a couple of hours ago.

2 girls, 14 and 10 on their way.

Not quite Nebraska, but it will do

DFACS: just kidding

overtly trite said...

damn blog at 3.30 and before 9 I have 3 more kids...Guess we'll need that bigger house how was the housing market in Ktown?
will let you know Missy both sound good

Marsha said...

LOL!! looks like there is no shortage of people willing to share the offspring. :) Be careful what you ask for.

Byron Chesney said...

I'd loan you one of mine but you'd just send them right back! ;)